White Paper

Tips to Get the most out of WeChat for Event Marketing

Last week Artemis Wang participated in a WeChat webinar organized by Entrepnr. During this webinar Artemis gives you a glimpse into how to use WeChat for an event to the fullest extent.

The summary of our “Tips to Get the most out of WeChat for Event Marketing” white paper on which we pinpoint how to engage the consumer in 3 steps: digitization of the event with WeChat before, during, and after the event. Of course, there are other channels and methods available as alternative solutions to each of the stages. Nevertheless, WeChat has the capacity to be the sole and only digital platform throughout the event’s life-cycle. This white paper seeks to highlight opportunities to use WeChat for events with related case studies, metrics, interviews from experts, and so on…

White Paper Table of contents:

1. Experience economy in China

2. Benchmark

3. A to Z event lifecycle management with WeChat

4. Complementary digitization of events in China