DELIVERABLE Front-end developmentUI/UX design/InteractionBack-end development

Bulgari CVD: H5 Campaign with integration to WeChat and Baidu mini program

+10 Screens Designed
2 Workshop Delivered
0.5 Month of Work


Bulgari is curating a new interactive digital event for Tanabata Chinese Valentine’s Day. To enhancing the customer relationship and promoting Bulgari’s products, we have been helping them launching a photo customization experience H5 on the WeChat and Baidu MP.


Works includes:

  • Project management
  • UX UI
  • Frontend development & back-end
  • Analytics

4-Our solution

An H5 integrated with WeChat MP and Baidu MP, offering interactive campaign photo customization. This H5 not only shows Bulgari’s brand image but also guides customers to their limited edition product designed for Tanabata Chinese Valentine’s Day.

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