DELIVERABLE UI/UX design/InteractionDevelopment + Analytics

Nivose: Responsive EC Website for China and abroad + WeChat Mini-Program EC

9 Months of work
+200 Screens designed
+50 Workshops delivered


NIVOSE was the first Mountain Chic brand starting in 1933. Today, NIVOSE is driven by a group of passionate fashionable adventurers and style seekers who believe in contemporary design as much as in the root of the brand. By combining technology and care with its modern heritage, NIVOSE is now embracing a new beginning and launch in September their new collection with a China-first approach.

3-Our solution

-Support on Project governance including all 3rd party systems (OMs, RFID, ERP, sCRM)
-Responsive website integrated with their WeChat OA as well as WeChat Mini Program E-Commerce.
-Steadily 50 Daily traffic.

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