Tencent rolled out many new features for mini-programs in recent months. They all showed this super messaging app is accelerating to foray into the e-commerce industry by expanding the entry-points for mini-programs.

Let’s take a look at how brands can further leverage the following new features:

  • Breakthrough from Weibo to WeChat MP
  • H5 Redirects to MP
  • Sharing MP to Friend-Circle
  • New WeChat e-commerce platform of WeChat Mini-Store

“Break Through from Weibo to WeChat MP”

(Direct link in Weibo to Wechat MP)

Advertisers/brands can set up Mini-program redirection via the Superfans platform by publishing a paid advertisement on Weibo. Weibo posts can now redirect users to WeChat mini-programs but… The Weibo feature is only available for Advertisers registered and authenticated with the Superfans platform via the Weibo Ads.

Advertisers/brands can set up Mini-program redirection via the Superfans platform by publishing a paid advertisement on Weibo.

By choosing the “Big card” when publishing a Weibo ad post, the user has the choice to key in WeChat MP AppID and other relevant information to initiate the redirection to WeChat MP from Weibo.

(Interface in Superfans Platform)

H5 redirects to MP… 

maybe APP as well?

WeChat released a new feature of “WeChat Open Tag” which enables web developers to use the WeChat system more easily and providing better web experience within the WeChat ecosystem.

This feature is already publicly opened to the verified Official Service Accounts.

(Example from OA “WordPress主题模版”)

Almost there:

Sharing MP to Moments

(Sharing Wonderlab to moments)

The feature is currently undergoing greyscale release for part of the android users, ios system users are still not available of using this function. However,  the official release for the feature is only a matter of time.

Moments is by far the WeChat Feature with the largest traffic pool and the longest time spent within the WeChat Ecosystem.

With the new feature of sharing mini-program to the Moments, this is obviously lowering the limitation for the Small and Medium businesses from getting traffics for their mini-programs.

WeChat Mini-Store:

New WeChat Ecommerce 

(Example from OA “Wechat Public Course”)

To make it easier for small and medium business and entrepreneurs to tap into the eCommerce capability of the WeChat MPs, WeChat is launching a new platform of WeChat Mini-store (微信小商店) soon.This is a templated eCommerce mini-program with no cost, no service fee, and embedded with the built-in Live-streaming feature. 

With this new platform of Mini-store, businesses and entrepreneurs can set up their eCommerce MP without any development. The embedded features are:

  • Product information management
  • Order Management
  • Logistics management
  • Marketing
  • Finance/ERP 
  • Customer service and after-sales service