What we do

Fully Monitored solution

In order to avoid any surprise happen in anytime during development, we monitor our development with reliable solutions such as New Relic and Rollbar for data monitoring and crash reporting. 7/24 reaction to any problem during the development phase. The client may be granted access to this data to trial the high performance and ease to use of our solution.

Fully rest API

We have built our on OMS system as well as integrate with other mature OMS and WMS system in the past for multiple clients
Which means can be integrated easily with any other system (SF, WM etc…) also integrate other system easily.
We use to integrate our solution with SalesForce, SAGE CRM, ODOO ERP and few others.
Our API is fully documented so anyone who use it can be granted access to see this doc and integrate/developer with our solution.

Continuous integration

Downtime per deployment of more than 4 seconds is not tolerable. In order to pass all the unit tests and respect our internal coverage policy, we ensure continuous integration during each deployment.
The database schema is changed without breaking the existing one. Assets are precompiled before releasing and deployment so that UI does not break afterwards.

Strong performance optimization

Stress test done after each deployment to ensure that our solution supports high traffic picks. About 14,000 requests on strategic pages in less than two minutes. Automatic report generated in the back-end after every stress test.

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