The latest update in the Brand Zone in the WeChat Search result page is out!

The new brand zone is tempting for the brands to consider optimizing their SEO presence in the WeChat Eco-system.

Before and after Class A brand zone
Updated Class A brand zone
Class C brand zone
Class B brand zone

Modulated brand zone provides great opportunities to build up the brand awareness and unique selling point of the brand. Not only product sales, official account, mini-programs are displayed compactly and neatly, but also the value-adding services are following up to enhance the after-sale side brand image.

Aware of the great potential in the Live-streaming – eCommerce business model, WeChat is promoting the native live-streaming booking feature in this brand zone update. Official Live-streaming can be promoted in the prominent area in the brand zone. User can enter the official live-streaming mini-program easily from the brand zone. WeChat provides additional support for the live-streaming appointment and reminder notifications for the user. This helps to increase and maintain the live-streaming traffic and boost sales all in one go.

Live-streaming booking

Brand zone classifications

For the above mentioned features, only the Class A brands are able to apply for.

Brand zone according to
the 3 different groups