Key Takeaway

2 months into the release of the Hardware Mini-Program Framework, more and more companies are eying on the Hardware Framework and trialing for exploring its capabilities. We have gathered some application case studies and forecasts for how the Hardware Framework can be used for different industries and brands.

01 Educational Tablet

Education tablets can integrate Mini-program into its Launcher APP to enrich the Mini-program content. For example, embedding redirect links into launcher APP to Mini-program. So that different Mini-program can serve different purposes and activities provided for the users. By breaking down the complex system into smaller components. It is easier and faster for the company to upgrade and iterate the mini-program.

Main Feature

  • Mini-program supports video and music to appeal to the main target users and can play in the background.
  • Mini-program supports mini-games.
  • WeChat login to share to the WeChat friends.


  • Launcher App embedded in the tablet can be used as desktop.
  • User can use the desktop as a navigator and click on the cards and buttons to redirect to designated mini-program or specific pages.

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business owner:

  • Enriching the educational platform by including mini-program content.
  • Lower the investment cost for developing a product and iterating for new versions.
  • Lower the operational cost for creating and sharing content for the users.


  • Smoother experience and simpler operation for the students and kids. Tablet is able to support WeChat login, sharing, and payment.
  • Students do not need to use mobile phones for learning on Mini-program. With help from the Hardware Framework, users can separate learning and entertainment.

02 POS Machine

POS machines are able to achieve retail management capabilities such as queuing for numbers and placing orders by introducing multiple Saas Mini programs, So that users can easily make/receive payment, get receipts.

Main Feature

  • Login from Wechat or the third party to collect payment.
  • Scanning QR code to get Wechat coupon code and invoices.
  • People, supplies, order and information management the system.


  • Mini Program icons can be placed at the home page so that users could start the Mini Program at the mobile Home page.
  • Users can jump to other Mini Program or Apps inside the Mini Program.
  • Users can print the invoice or scan barcodes by non-standard hardware ware such as printers and fixed focus cameras etc.

Key Advantages for stakeholders


  • Software: Set up the service platform, collect fees for providing IT service and specific types of Mini Program.
  • Hardware: There is a lower cost of product maintenance than APP development.
  • SaaS server: There is a lower cost of development and adaptation to unify all types of service’s terminal.


  • There is a lower cost of learning Mini Program compared with high commission of takeaway giants. So that they have more willingness to use MP.

03 Smart Treadmill

Enrich the functions of the treadmill itself by including video and audio elements to create the scene running feature. This can also support third-party mini-program such as Tencent Video and QQ Music to solve the audio and video demands of users during fitness. At the same time, realize the configuration capabilities of desktop mini-program to solve the content customization demands of gyms, such as Mini Programs for Member Management and Usage Time Recording.

Main Feature

  • Mini-program supports video, music and WeChat Mini-game to appeal to the target users during the exercising time. Mini-program supports mini-games, marketing.
  • WeChat login to share to the WeChat friends.


  • Mini-program can use Hardware Framework to control the speed, inclination and another treadmill status.
  • Combining with gaming elements, the treadmill can provide rewarding stimulation. This helps to optimise the adhesiveness of users to the service and the gym.

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business: Treadmill Producer

  • Reduces the cost for application adaptation and version maintenance.

Business: Chain business of Gym

  • Reduce the cost for operation, maintenance and training to expand the business with uniform equipment.
  • Connecting to the WeChat ecosystem to promote conversion rate, average transaction value and repeat purchase.


  • Improving user experience while using Treadmill with customised content/activity/games.
  • Boost the interaction between users and the branded entertainment Mini-program to provide a unique user experience.

04 Smart Refrigerator

A smart refrigerator can help users to manage their food including fruit, meat or vegetables via a screen in front of the refrigerator. users are able to check the food recipe and order kinds of food material online directly by visiting an online fresh food store or gourmet food recipe Mini Program.

Main Feature

  • Food material management and purchase. Recommendations to the food recipe.
  • Automatically synchronized food material that is purchased from eCommerce platforms after receiving orders.
  • Audio and video playback, home IoT device control, etc.
  • Connecting with the refrigerator built-in camera, a system to automatically identify the smoke and other abnormal conditions in the kitchen. Triggering emergency call for voice prompts, or video calls for the owner.


  • The food materials that are purchased in the online fresh store can be automatically synchronized to the food materials management Mini Program after receiving orders.
  • On click of the food material at food materials management Mini Program to jump to the food recipe that recommends the food material at food recipe Mini Program.
  • In the food recipe Mini Program, users can jump to check out the page of the food materials when visiting food recipes.

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business: Refrigerator manufacturer

  • Reduce the cost of updating and maintenance of the refrigerator APP. Benefits from rich content ecology of Mini Program at low cost.

05 Shopping mall directory

Transforming the navigation of shopping malls for issuance of coupons and connecting with merchants’ mini-programs for marketing activities. Mini-program is able to transform the dashboard of the directory machine to an initiator for different mini-programs.

Main Feature

  • When the user clicks on one of the shops on the map, the user can be redirected seamlessly to browse the MP of that particular retailer and receive vouchers.
  • From map directory to brand-owned mini-program, the user can receive marketing messages, interactive mini-game and coupon code.

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business: Software provider and SaaS service provider

  • Set up a service platform to support mini-program.
  • Reduce the cost of development by implementing the service on the unified service terminal.

Business: Shopping mall

  • Increase the operational support for the business owners in the shopping mall by providing higher impact factors, and exposure.

Business: Brand owners

  • Improve the ability to guide customers from the shopping mall to the store.
  • Promote membership conversion and repurchase rate, and increase exposure and revenue.

06 Promotion robot

Main Feature

  • Shopping mall navigation with the ability to send to users mobile.
  • Promote marketing events, interaction with games and issue coupon codes.
  • Branding Mini Program Exposure and features come from the third party’s Mini Program.
  • Voice activate/conversation to the robots.


  • Guide users through voice conversations or advertising displayed on the screen.
  • Users can touch or voice to query the location of the branding merchant or elevator, toilet, and launch the navigation or the page in the Mini Program.

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business: robot manufacturer

  • Improve the operation capacity of the business district.

Business: SaaS server

  • There is a lower cost of development and adaptation to unify all types of service’s terminals.

Business: shopping mall

  • Enhance the diversion ability to the traffic for merchants inside the Mall.

Business: branding merchants

  • Enhance the ability to attract targeted traffic, increase exposure and income

07 Interactive screen

By providing some small games for users outside the store with a large screen to help with merchants’ marketing campaigns and promotion and attracting customers with low cost. When customers successfully come to the store, it can accurately recommend proper branding Mini Programs or the specific promoting page via face identification. So that it can provide the supermarket with accurate Brand traffic, membership conversion and interactive gameplay.

Main Feature

  • By providing interactive games to customize the consuming environment.
  • Provide marketing promoting events, issuing coupons and subscribing to messages.
  • Accurately recommending Mini Program or the specific product’s page through Face identification.
  • Users will be able to use WeChat face ID payment and face ID login Mini Program in following springs.


  • Game screen:
    • Game purpose: reach a certain score at single-player mode or the highest score at multiple player mode.
    • Game rewards: Receive WeChat e-coupons, get souvenirs or discount purchases at stores
  • Guide users to subscribe to messages before they receive awards to reach users second chance.
  • Before Triggering recommendations when the user approaches the screen, it will set up promotion’s category, brand and customer group characteristics according to the situation automatically.
  • Recommend multiple Mini Programs and products within Mini Program based on user’s age, gender and member user portrait

Key Advantages for stakeholders

Business: software solution & merchant

  • Provide unified technical services and management service of Mini Program for its franchise stores.
  • Set up service platforms, charging for technical service fees, advertising and distribution fees for certain types of Mini Program.

Business: franchise store

  • Increase user interaction scenes and get more opportunities to reach users.
  • Accurately recommend products, improve user experience, reduce operation steps, and increase the price per customer and repurchase rate.

Why Use WeChat Mini-program on your hardware?

Outstanding Advantage

The main advantage of implementing the Mini-program ecosystem on devices is focused on its rich content and great potential. Mini-programs are almost equivalent to native applications for its independent content. With the rapid growth in the service ecosystem. The Daily Active Users (DAU) is growing from the 330 million in Q3 2019 to 450 million in 2020 Q1, cumulating 8000 billion transactions, and the average year-on-year growth is 160%. The overall massive quantity of the Mini-programs is available to enrich the user experience in all aspects of online and offline lives.

Using the Hardware Framework on the devices helps to improve the level of product intelligence through the touch screen, voice interaction, image interaction and other technologies. With the powerful WeChat ecosystem, users can easily implement WeChat login, sharing, and payment operations on different hardware devices, and enjoy a consistent experience with the WeChat native app.

It is worth mentioning that although the Hardware Framework currently only supports the Android platform, the WeChat team has taken into consideration to run the WeChat Hardware Framework on other platforms such as Windows and Linux when working on the architecture design in the future. There are limited amounts of smart devices to access the internet in the past. Now we can see the Hardware Framework as an ambitious expansion to turn WeChat mini-program to an omnichannel tool. Android devices are becoming the new terminal of WeChat Mini-program, and more operating systems will be.